Pauli’s Friday Favs

Welcome to my Friday Favorites and Happy March 1!

This is where I will some of my favorite finds from all over the internet.  Some are just dreams, some are projects to try, some will be motivational, some will leave you drooling and others will be just for fun!

So…let’s get started on Pauli’s Friday Fav’s .

*I’ve included a link and site address to each of these items and please note that I am not being paid to promote or advertize any of my Favs  – these are just things that I have discovered online in my internet travels and want to share with you!

House & Home Favs 

Even with this weeks snowy-slushy weather, I am thinking of warm, soft breezes sitting on my deck.  And although my deck doesn’t look quite like this…I do dream of having something as beautiful as this!  has some absolutely gorgeous patio ideas not to mention overall swoon worthy decorating ideas for the home!

Floral Favs

This appeared in my in box courtesy of Etsy and I just love it!  What a talented artist Jessica St. Hilaire is – she is the owner of Rooted in Succulents.  I was taking a short break to browse through my Etsy email  and found this in that email.  This is just one of her many pieces that I have my eye on.  Just gorgeous!

Take a look at her other beautiful pieces here:

Take a look at her other beautiful pieces here: 

Event Idea Favs

I am always looking for event/party ideas and when I saw this it made my heart happy!  Look at how gorgeous the bright spring-y yellow is! I can almost hear the robins singing.  I came across this on the blog Oh Happy Day (  They have some adorable and totally fun event ideas – fun, colourful and really fun site to browse through.

Such a lovely pop of colour!

Such a lovely pop of colour!

Main Dish Favs

Cheddar Jack Chicken Bacon Salad. Y.U.M.

Ok some of my favorite foods are right here in this salad!  Bacon, Chicken and Cheese! This is a great combo of proteins, veggies and yes – some fats.  Pair it with a big glass of Lemon Water and you have a nice lunch or dinner! I would totally make extra chicken and use it up in a wrap for the next days lunch 🙂

There are some more amazing recipes at

Motivation Favs

I love to run. And I love this.  Every step I take counts. Every single step.  This says it all.

Sweetspot Fav

I am a big breakfast kinda girl and this to me is not only breakfast but is dessert! Actually I would eat this any old-time of the day!  Wouldn’t you?!

Great Big World Fav

This one is all mine 🙂 This is where I go and hang out to relax.  This is my little bit of heaven…..(this is what I see while sitting on my covered deck or lying in my hammock with Max).   Right now as I post this its snowing outside where I live and I’m really wishing the warm weather would hurry up and get here so I can watch the dragonflies and my koi playing in the pond ….. hurry up spring!!

Sigh.  Spring needs to hurry....

Sigh. Spring needs to hurry….

Well kiddies!  That’s it for my for my first Friday Favs post!  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did putting it together.




4 thoughts on “Pauli’s Friday Favs

  1. Love love this. I am really enjoying getting this from you. Its been amazing. I am making the energy bars this weekend. Way to go girl!!!

    • Thank you!!! I think its perfect bar recipe for those longer runs when you need to fuel up. I’ll still carry my Cliff Gels during my LSR’s though
      (btw will be reviewing Gels shortly! stay tuned)

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