Heathy Fast Fish Dinner

Quick and delicious dinner.  You can use any white fish you like.  Leftovers make amazing fish tacos!

Quick and delicious dinner. You can use any white fish you like. Leftovers make amazing fish tacos!

Growing up I really wasnt a fan of fish or seafood of any kind – to me it just didnt look or smell appetizing.  As an adult, I still avoided it until I was a newlywed and my new husband insisted I try Blackened Catfish at a very nice restaurant in our new neighborhood just outside Cleveland.  Oh what a wonderful surprise that was!  It was fantastic!  How could I have not eaten this delicious dish before?!   Well that was it for me – that positive experince really opened up a whole new world for me.

These days I find myself eating more fish and seafood than ever before.  I’ve found that fish and seafood dishes are pretty easy to prepare and taste so good.  It’s a great alternative to chicken or another type of protein.   One of the best things is that you can pretty much use  any white fish from the market- tilapia, halibut, monkfish, catfish etc.

Here are a few popular and mild white fish that you might want to consider: Monk Fish – This large low-fat, firm-textured salt-water fish has a mild, sweet flavor that compares with lobster. Sometimes referred to as “poor man’s lobster.”

Flounder – A fine-textured flatfish prized for its delicate flavor. Some of the more popular varieties include “Fab,” “English Sole,” and “Plaice.”

Haddock – A North Atlantic fish, the smaller cousin to the cod. The haddock has firm white flesh that is mild in flavor.

Halibut – A low-fat, firm white and mild-flavored fish from the flatfish family. Resembles a gigantic flounder. “Chicken Halibuts” weigh up to ten pounds and are considered the finest halibut.

Orange Roughy – A New Zealand area fish with lean, white flesh that is firm and mild. This popular fish can be poached, baked, broiled, or fried.

Striped Bass – This true bass is found along the Atlantic coast. It features six to eight horizontal stripes and provides a moderately fat, firm flesh with a mild, sweet flavor.

Swordfish – A saltwater food and sport fish with mild-flavored, moderately fat flesh. The flesh is red, dense, and meat-like. Thanks to its firmness, swordfish can be prepared by baking, broiling, grilling, poaching, or sautéing.

Now for the  details.  The actual recipe for the fish doesn’t get easier than this one.

4  fish fillets of your choice  *(I used frozen Halibut I purchased from Costco for a great price, very convenient and great value)

1/2 flour

2 egg beaten

1/4 cup of milk

pinch of salt, pinch of pepper


olive oil * a few drops will do, I use a Misto spray bottle for my olive oil instead of Pam or butter

Wash fillets, dry on paper towels.

In 2 seperate  dishes, I just use plates.  In one plate place the flour, salt and pepper, in the other the eggs and milk that have been beaten.

Turn stove on medium, add the olive oil to frying pan. 20131210-004735.jpg

Place the fillets in the egg mix and carefully coat both sides, then dredge (place them in the flour mixture) the fillets in the flour, gently shake off flour.  Some people use a baggie and put the flour in there – that is entirely up to you.

Place the fish into the hot pan and watch it carefully that it doesn’t burn.  Cook on each side till golden brown, sprinkle a dash of paprika for a bit of flavour and colour. >

Slice some lemons and add to plate along with veggies of choice – mine were sauteed corn, orange peppers and a vidalia onion.  For my carb part, I sauteed some perogies which were served with a bit of low fat sour cream.  Oh and I added my latest obsession – feta stuffed red hot peppers!


Now go enjoy!




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